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Courtesy Patrol Services

  • Our vehicle patrol service is a cost efficient solution to deter vandalism, theft, trespassing and other crimes against your property while keeping your staff, residents and visitors safe. 


  • Using highly visible high profile marked security vehicles and proven patrol methods, our security professionals will provide you and your tenants’ peace of mind.


  • Using the latest technology and communication tools available in the industry, our security professionals will be an added asset to you and those you serve.

  • United Security will provide your property with an added security presence by methodically patrolling your property throughout the night.


  • Using our real-time reporting tools, our agency will deliver detailed and verifiable electronic reports right to your email every morning.  


  • Clients also have unlimited access to security guard services through our dispatch available twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, all for a very competitive cost.

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