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Commercial Security Services

  • United Security Agency will provide your community with a highly visible guard to deter criminal activity while promoting a safe community.


  • We offer flexible services including dedicated fixed guards and courtesy patrol options. We will work with your property management team, to set a plan of action and take care of your needs. While on patrol our guards will use best practice techniques to deter unwanted activities on your property and will observe and report any incidents to your management personnel.


  • Our security guard reports contain maintenance logs, abandoned or suspicious vehicles and will alert the proper authorities when necessary. Our services include electronically delivered reports sent directly by email each morning.


  • Having a thoroughly trained security professional patrolling your property is an added amenity your residents will value. This added amenity will provide a sense of safety and security in your community and will be felt by residents.


  • Management and residents will have access to 24 hour dispatch services to request a security guard professional to assist with any issues on the property. 


  • Supervisory personnel are always available to management in the event an incident arises. Our team will work with your community management to ensure your community vision is successful.


  • Security guard services can be provided using various patrol methods including by foot, bicycle, golf cart or vehicle patrols.


  • Security Guard professionals can patrol your property as a dedicated fixed guard scheduled to remain on the property for a determined length of time, or as a courtesy patrol professional that will methodically patrol your property a pre-determined number of times each night.

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